Volunteers and coaches play a vital role in community netball, not just in Sussex but all across England, and without the time, energy and commitment of these people many clubs, leagues and social sessions would not be able to run.

In short, volunteers and coaches make sport happen.  Without this dedicated group of people, who willingly give their time to enable others to play the sport they love, grassroots sport wouldn’t exist.

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England Netball

 Pass On Your Passion

Are you a young volunteer aged between 12 & 25, or do you have young volunteers in your club/school?

The ‘Pass on your Passion’ scheme aims to recognise the countless number of young volunteers in netball, whether that’s coaches, committee members, event helpers,( … the list is endless!) and offers rewards and incentives for those who register.

Club Volunteer Coordinators 

Having a club volunteer coordinator (CVC) can make a big difference to the recruitment and retention of volunteers as it ensures that the area of volunteer development is given a strong lead from within the club. England Netball has put together a FREE Club Volunteer Coordinator Support Package for new and existing CVCs which includes guidance on recognition, rewards, training and development of volunteers.

For more information about Pass on Your Passion, CVC’s and all other aspects of volunteering with England Netball visit the website here

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Sport England

Sport England have some great resources for individuals and clubs to support and develop volunteers

Click here to visit the volunteering resources section of the Sport England website

Where can you find information?

If you are a volunteer looking for opportunities, or you are a group or club with some volunteering opportunities you’d like some promotion for contact Stacey

You can also find more information about volunteering from:

Our County Sports Partnership: Active Sussex
External organisations: vInspired, Do-it Volunteering, and Join In