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Everyone has a part to play in ensuring that the young people in netball are safe and getting the most they can from their involvement in the sport.

England Netball has developed a Safeguarding Young People in Netball Policy and provides a range of guidance and resources to help safeguard from any risk of harm to young people and to ensure that any vulnerable young people are provided with the best support available. Whether you are a parent/carer, a young person or a Club Safeguarding Officer you will find a section within the ENjoy, ENtrust, ENsure banner specific to your needs with links to all of our safeguarding documents.

If you need further advice, please contact the safeguarding team on 01462 442344 or by email besafe@englandnetball.co.uk, or contact the Lead Child Protection Officer on 01462 428319 or 07595 863991.

Below you will find some information regarding policies, guidance and support that England Netball provides. For more in depth information, and to access all documentation visit the ENjoy, ENtrust, ENsure governance section of the England Netball website here


Safeguarding Young People In Netball Policy

Fundamental to protecting young people in sport is the need to carry out appropriate risk assessments when recruiting personel, whether staff or volunteers. If you, or someone within your club requires a DBS check, please contact Jordan

Codes of Conduct
Sporting excellence and enjoyment are only achieved by participants and spectators through adherence to the highest moral, ethical and sporting standards. England Netball’s Codes of Conduct promote respect, good sportsmanship, high standards of behaviour and ethics.
All Members are required to abide by these Codes. In addition, clubs should ensure that the Codes are well known and promoted, so that there is a culture of respect and a discrimination free environment for all to enjoy the sport.

Codes of Conduct – valid from 1st September 2014

Disciplinary Regulations & Complaints
Should behaviour fall below the standards set in the Codes of Conduct, the Disciplinary Regulations set out by England Netball provide a fair and transparent process for establishing whether a Disciplinary Offence has been committed and what the appropriate response to that behaviour should be.
Disciplinary Regulations
Disciplinary Process

If you are interested in receiving Disciplinary Panel training please contact the South Regional Coordinator  at south@englandnetball.co.uk

England Netball aims to provide a first class participant experience for all its Members and welcomes everyone to the sport of netball, in whatever role.
Equality Policy

Anti-Bullying & Harassment
Everyone has the responsibility to ensure that the sporting environment is respectful of everyone’s right to take part in and enjoy their sport.
England Netball will challenge bullying attitudes and behaviours and encourages everyone to do the same, to create an environment where everyone is made to feel safe and able to enjoy their part in the sport of netball.

Anti Bullying and Harassment Policy

Recognising & Reporting a Concern

Recognising Signs of Abuse
Reporting a Safeguarding Concern flow Chart
Reporting a Concern Procedure
Reporting a Concern Form
Barriers to Reporting a concern