Promotion celebrations for Sussex Thunder

Incredible scenes were coming out of Sussex Netball Club camp this weekend as the club’s top side, Thunder, currently playing in England Netball’s premier league (national level), have secured instant promotion in to Division 2 with a storming 62-42 win against Leyton Netball Club, and a premier league debut for upcoming club star Louisa Connolly (15).

A brilliant unbeaten run by the Brighton side puts them  top of the table with 3 games in hand. A change to promotion/relegation rules, meaning top two teams go up, leaves the side now uncatchable by third place Charnwood as they sit 18 points clear in the table with only 15 points left up for grabs in the remaining 3 games of the season.

As with any promotion into higher divisions the games get tougher, and the club are now looking to welcome talented new players to the fold to strengthen the existing squad to help them compete at that next level. Sussex would like to hear from anyone who wants to bring their skill and compete at a national level, so if that’s you then get in touch

sussexPromotion celebrations for Sussex Thunder